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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in san francisco this morning an early morning fire near the castro is it connected with a series of arson? the reason there is hope about a google executive that disappeared a week ago in egypt could be released at any moment. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. monday february 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson. >> we have mostly clear skies. fog has formed out by the
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valley. once that burns off sunny and nice today. still 60s and low to mid 70s but not the supper 70s or 80s. here is sal. right now traffic is moving along realtively well if you are driving on the freeways. no major problems if you are driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is good. the metering lights are not on yet. let's go back to dave and pam. >> thank you, sal. we are continuing to follow developing news in san francisco this morning where firefighters are on the scene of another fire. it started just after 3:00 this morning on corbett and clayton street. kraig debro has been out there all morning long. tell us what happened. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this low cased is just behind sutro tower. that is where the fire started. in the back around where
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clayton is. if you look you can see the structure up top that is burned that is not part of this house. that's a next door house. that is called exposure damage. the information in what caused this fire is in full swing this morning. neighbors say recent construction could be to blame. others are anxious over the possibility that this fire could be linked to last weeks four arsons. people say they are lucky they got away unhurt. >> my husband woke up after me and we realized it was a fire. i opened the shades and there were flames everywhere. >> they were going up so quickly. there was no way of stopping it. >> reporter: neighbors say homeowners just completed work on the deck and fence. many say they saw the fire start there. two homes burned where the fire started and the one next door. it suffered exposure damage. up to seven people are
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displaced. the fire chief tells us it's too early to tell if this fire was connected to last weeks arson. because of those fires investigators were already in the neighborhood when this started. >> everyone is doing a good job of staying vigilant. at this point we do not have suspects. >> reporter: the address is on corbett. the damage is on the back of clayton. fire chief told me police were in this area. they were conducting surveillance in this neighborhood but unable to find out why police were in this neighborhood other than the fact they were on patrol doing surveillance looking for last weeks arsonist or perhaps more than one. we don't know if they had a tip to be here or what the connection was. no dollar amount or damage. this neighborhood is full of million dollar homes. i tried to talk to the people that lived in this unit. no luck so far. reporting live kraig debro. we are keeping an eye on
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egypt. antigovernment protestors still fill up the main square in cairo. they say they will not leave until president mubarak steps down. over the weekend egypts new vice president lead with opposition leaders for a gradual concession. however, these demonstrators say the only concession they will accept is president mubarak's resignation. a google executive that has been in the custody of egyptian authorities is supposed to be released any minute now. jade hernandez is at googles head quarters. any word yet of his release there? >> reporter: no, we are awaiting news of the google executive to be released from egyptian custody. he has been in custody seance january 22nd. while he will be released this morning. that's why we have been monitoring the situation.
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he is expected to be released any moment. we want to show you video posted on you tube. the 30-year-old is a google executive and is one of the administrators of a facebook page who organized the antigovernment protest in egypt. it's thought he was arrested for taking part in a protest in cairo. a google spokesperson told us he cannot confirm if if the internet video is authentic but his families and friends are worried. >> he is somebody that is well seasoned at google. what he said i'm not fighting for my own right. i'm fighting for the people that cannot stand for themselves. >> reporter: he heads googles marketing in the northeast. the egyptian government had not acknowledged they have arrested him. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get that
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information. reporting live from mountain view jade hernandez. >> we'll continue to check in with jade down there. you will also continue to find coverage of the up rising in egypt on our channel 2 website just click on the egypt tab. once there you will find a link to a special section. in iran it's day two of the trial of the three uc berkeley graduated charged with spying. shane bauer and josh fattal entered not guilty pleas. a lawyer entered that same plea for sarah shourd who was released on bail last september and ignored a court summon to return to iran. >> most indicators suggest at the end of the day after they have humiliated these people and treated them terribly that some accommodation will be reached so they can get out.
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other than going by what they have done in the past even that cannot be for certain. >> we spoke to the professor yesterday. iran detained them in july of 2009 they say they were simply on a hiking trip and simply mistakenly crossed over to iran. a kidnapped woman is doing okay. she says she was abducted from an oakland apartment complex. police say that witnesses told them two men chased the woman into an apartment complex on alien street at 8:20 saturday night. the men reportedly assaulted the woman and forced her into a car. oakland police tell us they are working to identify the suspects. their get away car is described as a 1999 black four-door
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chrysler also lane plate 6jfg056. we know the man who died while running a half marathon. peter hoss was pronounced dead after he collapsed just after crossing the finish line in golden gate park yesterday morning. a witness told the chronicle volunteers gave hoss cpr. it took a long time for an ambulance to get there. the ground has been shaking overnight in sonoma county. a magnitude 3.2 earthquake hit after 6:00 last night. this morning there have been a couple smaller after shocks. they received reports from residents 12 miles away. so far there is no word of damage or injuries. 6:08 is the time right now.
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the commute gets busy in some areas. >> it is getting a little busier. let's look at the westbound bay bridge. the metering lights are not on. they usually go on around 6:15. if there an accident they will turn them on earlier. taking a look at interstate 880 in both directions. that traffic is moving well here. if you are looking at the livermore commute there is slow traffic coming in. let me move this to the right here to show you some of the road sensors are getting small here. move the map over to fremont and hayward. northbound 880 at the great mall parkway there is an accident on that ramp. not on the freeway on the ramp.
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across the bay in redwood city highway 101 looks good. 6:09 steve. we had one of our tweeters say there is fog in oakley. yes fog is coming back into the valley. some patchy fog. nice to warm. much cooler with rain getting closer. closer as we get toward the weekend. gives us a few high clouds. and cooling temperatures is left and moving into northern california. 30s, 40s and dense fog off toward the east. 50 in san francisco. 48 in oakland. some upper 30s and low 40s. 52 in haywood. big ridge of high pressure will collapse. still that is enough to bump the high out of here. you can see that system sliding down will give it crowdie --
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cloudy skies. today will be cooler and much cooler as we go into tuesday. fair a few high clouds. still plenty of sun but cooler. nice off to the east. today we'll have 60s and 70s. 71 nevada. 73 concord. ha tougher call -- a tougher call. san jose 70. mountain view 68. 72 pleasanton. still nice. we are still a good 10-12 degrees above average. mostly sunny and warm. windy and cooler tuesday and wednesday. partly sunny and cloudy. >> they had a football game yesterday. that super bowl and green bay is celebrating a super bowl victory and the packers are going to bring home the lombardi prophy today as champ -- trophy today. >> i feel like this is the
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greatest day of my life. better than ming day. >> that says a lot. the packers beat the pittsburgh steelers. it was a great day. packers quarterback aaron rogers right there as the games mvp. he's only 27 and in the third full season of starting quarterback. rogers threw three touchdown passes. there is one of them right there. threw no interceptions. nick collins picked up one of steelers passes. took it back for a touchdown. the steelers did come back. made it interesting. he had a touchdown and that two- point conversion cut the quartersback lead to three. the packers finished with a field goal. green bay found a way to win even after they lost several
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key players to injuries. >> this is a game of what ifs. we turned the ball over. a lot of that is my fault. >> still had a good game ben. now we are expecting to hear from the man aaron rogers. we will take you live to their news conference. you will hear what they will say in 20 minutes. >> nice. i love hearing from his high school coach who said he could from his bended knee he could throw it to the 50-yard line to the end zone. good grief. a security breech at the vatican. a little boy broke through security and walked right up to the pope. we'll show you the reaction. >> that is impressive. ♪ oh say can you see >> can you sing? did you catch that flaw? why christina aguilera is
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begging for forgiveness this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. wikileaks founder july january assange is in -- julian assange is in a court. assange is accused of sexual misconduct. defense attorneys say assange should not be extradited
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because he has not been charged with a crime. assange should not be sent to sweden because authorities there could send him to the u.s. and he could end up on death row. this is a story you have to see. this morning the vatican is investigating a very serious security brief tied to a little boy. the child managed to slip past security guards during the popes weekly address. these are still photos from yesterday. he ran forward right up to the pope. fell on his knees in front of the pope. talked to the pope. the pope responded with a smile even chatted with the little boy for a little bit. the vatican security guards are not smiling they admit this incident showed a big hole in their security. the outcome of the game is the only thick about the super bowl yesterday that is being talked about this morning. ♪ what so proudly watched at the twilights last streaming ♪
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>> you heard that didn't you? christina aguilera making a big mistake. she sang what so proudly we hailed twice she skipped the line or the ramparts we watched so gallantly streaming. she went on to the sing the rest of the national anthem correctly. >> she just went on. >> what else can you do? >> i don't know. it's good she didn't freeze and panic. sal, how is traffic this morning? >> traffic is doing well. i will try not to mess up. i mess up all the time here. >> we all do. >> i will try to do a mess up free traffic report. traffic is moving along okay here on highway 4 coming up to the will low pass grade. no major problems on interstate 680 by the way. contra costa county traffic is moving along well.
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no mayor problems on the bridge. there hasn't been any road construction. we are showing you a map of highway 101 that looks pretty good. a little bit on 280 near 380 there. moving across the bay i will check out livermore. it looks like we have a new crash here. it looks like it could be out near the altima pass. 6:19 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. i say that because patchy fog has formed out toward the east. overall it's clear out. not near as windy as we had over the weekend. temperatures rocking it up upper 70s to low 80s. you have 25 record highs yesterday. leading edge of our change is right there. for us though it will be a
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mostly sunny day. temperatures in the 40s now. palo alto is 41. 52 san francisco. a little warmer toward oakland and san jose with 40. wind pattern more from the north than the northeast. it means cooler weather son the way. it starts today a little bit but it will be a lot of bit by tomorrow. fair sun cooler. 60s and 70s. patchy fog around oakley or brentwood. windy cooler tuesday and wednesday. temperatures coming down. pam and dave. the huffington post is being bought out. aol is buying them out for $315 million. now after the deal closes, aol plans to add founder huffington to the management team.
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she will receive content of all of aol. the girl scouts are testing cut backs in their cookie menus. they will not have some cookies this year. those flavors are not as popular. girl scouts cookies they do pretty well. they sell 200 million boxes last year. >> i help them out too. this morning will feel like christmas for students at an oakland charter school that will get high-tech gifts for free. they will give them 220 wireless routers for the students and parents to use at home. oakland's mayor jean michigan will be taking place in that ceremony. the reason one bay area
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city is considering a ban on jumping in certain places. is it hot in here? >> yeah, it is. the commercial is getting rave reviews this morning. and there is nothing disturbing about this commute northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split. it looks pretty good to me. i'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well. they have just switched on the metering lights. so there is a little bit of a delay there. richmond bridge looks good. well today walnut creek could take steps to ban bounce houses from city parks. right now the city requires anyone setting up one to have a permit and proof of insurance. but city staffers say that requirement is not enforced and that is the houses prevent a liability hazard and damage to the grass. 400 super bowl fans were left out seats even though they paid for them. some sections in the temporary seating areas at cowboys stadium was not finished in time. the nfl found alternate seating for 850 of the people effected.
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the 400 people that could not be seated were given refunds of triple faced value. they also had the option of watching the game on monitors from inside the stadium or standing on platforms. the nfl said yesterday the super bowl did not set an all- time attendance record. the super bowl may be the last nfl game for awhile. team owners are threatening to lock out players if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached. the current one expires march 3rd. the league and the players union say they will increase the number, length, and intensity of bargaining sessions to try to reach a new agreement. some people consider them the best part of the super bowl. they watched the nfl biggest game to just see the commercials. the go rate for commercials about $3 million for a 30 second spot. one pepsi commercial got a lot of attention. it also caused controversy. critics say this one promotes
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racial stereotypes. >> maximum taste. honey, honey. >> sorry sorry. >> we are going to take a look at some of the other super bowl commercials people are talking about in a moment. that is coming up on mornings on 2. also our channel 2 website features a poll so you can vote on your favorite commercial. just go to early morning evacuations. another fire this morning. the reason firefighters think it may be connected to four suspicious fires. we are live in vacaville. you can see people are packing up their camping gear. dozens of people spent the entire weekend here. we'll tell you why coming up. the opening bell is about to ring. we're live in new york to find out about good news possiblely
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about the job market.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are getting ready to ring that opening bell live in new york this morning. there it is. on the new york stock exchange. those are folks from the they volunteer their time for the n cares annual coat drive. similar to the one we do here. i know you and i have been out there. we collect hundreds of coats. certainly a lot of people in need. right now the markets we expect the markets to respond to pretty decent news on the job market. you can see on the bottom of your screen. all the details coming up. we will smile and go ahead and say good morning, to you.
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monday february 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we have developing news we are watching san francisco this morning. firefighters are still at the scene of another fire near the cities castro district. this one started just after 3:00 a.m. on corbett and clayton street. kraig debro is out there now to tell us why firefighters responded to this so quickly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i just talked to three arson investigators. three more arrived on scene to investigate this fire. the addresses are on corbett. the fire started in the back of the properties. back of the property and spread to one next door on clayton. now the investigation is in full swing. neighbors say recent construction could be to blame. others are anxious over the possibility that this fire could be linked to last weeks four arsons. people witnessed this one say they are lucky to get away unhurt. >> my husband woke up next to me and realized it was a fire.
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>> flames were so intense. they were drumming so quickly. there was no stopping it. >> reporter: neighbors say the homeowners just completed work on a deck and fence. two homes were burned. up to seven people were displaced by the fire. in addition to that the fire department evacuated several people from other homes. the fire chief said it's too early to fell if this is connected to last weeks arson. because of investigations the fire department was already in the neighborhood. >> the san francisco police department has this area on surveillance. we are looking at whether or not it's connected to the others at this point. >> reporter: this neighborhood is full of million dollar homes. i spoke to a neighbor. his home was not involved but
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him and his pregnant wife got out in time. the firefighters were looking far way fight the fire. they kicked his door in. in addition to the homes damage damaged by home. one homeowner has repair work to do. he's been speaking with the owners in that upstairs unit. they don't want to talk to me. we'll see what he told him about how this fire may have started as arson investigators continue their work. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. san jose police are trying to figure out if foul play is involved in a womans death. officers found a womans body last wednesday near pearl avenue. investigators are not saying where exactly found that body only that the woman had been dead for awhile. an autopsy will be performed to figure out the cause of death the womans name and age has not been released. records show pg&e boosted
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pressure inside a pipeline it considered to be at the highest risk of failure of any in the bay area. according to the san francisco chronicle pg&e increased the pressure of the fremont to livermore line in june 2009. that was even though the company knew some sections of that pipeline were 80 years old and made by a supplier who's pipelines did not stand up over time. from the investigators are focusing on faulty welds and pressure problems in their investigation of the san bruno pipeline explosion. time now 6:34. a parking lot of a vacaville school has been filled with tents and lawn chairs this morning. the parents are trying to enroll their children at the schools. allie rasmus has been with some of the parents right now. some has been camped out since saturday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the last ten minutes we have seen movement out here.
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this is the line to enroll at the birmingham charter school. a lot of people have packed up their camping gear. when i talked to the principal about 15 minutes ago they have just opened their doors and they will move part of the line into the building. the principal says they have 100 open spots for incoming freshmen. the people in line here some have been here since saturday morning they hope to secure one of those spots for their kids. some of the people you see in that line have been here for 48 hours. because this is a charter school we are talking about enrollment is not determined by where you live but on a first come first serve basis. the school has 475 students. some of the parents told us they want more of a smaller school. >> i think my daughter would do battener a smaller school
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environment. >> it's not that big schools don't work. big schools can work. it's just the funding is not provided. >> all my sisters have gone there. they say really good things about it. >> reporter: as you heard in that last interview some people were not just parents. this is chartered by the vacaville unified school district. tuition is free and funding for the school comes from the state of california. however even though the school is public charter schools in general are exempt from many of the laws that traditional public schools have to abide by. for example the principal here was telling me they can expel kids at this school for maintaining below for not having above a c average. public schools can not do that. that's why the debate can be a
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contentious one. we made a few calls to try to see if they would talk to us more about this issue. we have not heard back from them this early. for now the people in this line say they are not focused on any of the debate. they just want to get their kids enrolled. live in va call vail allie rasmus. san francisco may become the first city in the whole country to offer a drop in center where hiv drug users can get and use clean needles. the chronicle is reporting the task force is making that recommendation. the panel may be facing an uphill battle in this. san francisco mayor ed lee and the health director strongly oppose the plan. time now 6:37. let's go back to the sal. how does the commute look? >> it's getting busier pam and dave. especially at the toll plaza. but also in other areas.
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you can see we have more vehicles showing up here. the backup is stretching out to almost that over crossing is where 880 drivers come in. that's about an eight to ten minute delay. the metering lights are on. moving along i will show you san francisco northbound and southbound 101 looking good here with no reported crashes or stalled vehicles. the morning drive on livermore northbound 580 there is some sort of traffic hazard there. it looks like it's some sort of debris on the road. traffic is going to be a little bit slow. it's slow after that as well all the way into livermore. this is a look at hayward. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. mostly clear. patchy fog out toward the east. yesterday we were 20 degrees above average for this time of year. we should be around 58-62. you know that can't last. but i'm sure many of you got
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out enjoyed it. patchy fog. still nice to warm. still way above average. windy at times starting to tomorrow and going into wednesday. the cooling will begin. that will start slightly today. more pronounced tomorrow. by the second much cooler. you know it had to happen. rain getting closer. it sure looks like as we head toward the weekend we will see partly cloudy skies. i'm still leaning around the 15th. there are projections that will get back into a favorable pattern for rain. it's a slow process. yesterday as you might imagine. the reason i'm showing these some go back to 1912. oakland was 81. not only was that a record for the date that was the warmest february temperature ever.
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that will not be the case today. 38 we do have a couple 30s. fairfield 38. dense fog out toward the valley as well. 50 san francisco. still mild for some. that big strong rug trying to break down. we will start a cooling trend. we'll carry that today spool tuesday. i think you will notice it on tuesday and wednesday when that wind picks up. nice to warm. a little bit of patchy fog out toward the east. highs 50s and 70s. this is well above average. 60 to 74. but 70. tomorrow we start that cooling trend. that will carry us into wednesday. partly sunny and partly cloudy into the week opinion an under ground event that
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was exposed. a major fighting ring bust in northern california. what the police are saying surprised even them. we are monitoring the situation involving a google executive detained in egypt. he would be released at any moment. we'll be right back.
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good morning, to you.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you. firefighters are trying to figure out if a an arsonist struck again. flames broke out in the building just after 3:00 this morning. then quickly spread to a second building next door. no one was hurt. seven people are displaced from their home. parents camped out in front of a charter school hoping to enroll their kids. birmingham charter high school will be handing out registration pacts. there are only about 100 slots available. in egypt thousands of protestors maintaining their demonstration. a lot of people are out there. we can tell you normal life is returning to the capital city but these demonstrators say they are not leaving that
6:45 am
square until president hosni mubarak steps down. we are following reports out of egypt a google executive is supposed to be released any minute. jade hernandez is in google head quarters. have you been able to talk to anybody there? >> reporter: no we haven't. we have been monitoring the situation. 4:00 p.m. their time which was 45 minutes ago our time. this is interesting. realtime results from twitter show tweets rolling in this morning. each tweet coming from someone wondering why news of this mans release has not been made yet. now he is a google executive and one of the administrators of a facebook page that arranged the protest in egypt.
6:46 am
he was declared missing after he failed to meet with his brother as planned. he has been in cairo since january 23rd. we want to show you video posted on you tube a group of four men following a crowd of young men on the street. a google spokesperson told us he could not confirm if the video was authentic. initially, the egyptian government would not acknowledge they had arrested him. as we mentioned we are waiting to hear news of his release. we are live at google headquarters. as soon as we get more information we'll have a live report right here in mountain view. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 6:46. grief counselors will be on campus. one person was killed. 11 others were hurt after police say two men opened fire
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inside a from the house early yesterday morning. everything started at after some kind of dispute at a party. the two men accused of opening fire are in custody this morning. back here at home a major fighting operation was broken up in sacramento county. staff workers from the humane society joined sheriffs deputies during this raid. they say they witnessed a horrifying scene. they found dozens of dead and injured birds used in those brutal fights. >> it never ceases to amaze me. it never ceases to shock me. >> the humane society says the operators of the cock fighting rings had them fighting to their death. they seized dozens of surviving birds. in san francisco the first group of names to be featured
6:48 am
in a sidewalk has been released. a committee selected 20 names. including author james baldwin. now the cities art commission still has to approve the sidewalk plaque. time now 6:47. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, how are we look something >> we are doing pretty well. things are getting busier. i want to show you 280 a little slower. this is one of the big bottlenecks in the south bay. so far so good. getting up to the toll plaza we have a backup that stretches from eight minutes all the way back to the 880 crossing. san francisco northbound 101 a lot more crowded. still looking okay as you approach the 80 split. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir.
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mostly clear. we do have a clouds coming down. today will be just be slightly. some patchy fog has also formed. incredible as that sounds. sunny and nice today. so you that can't last. tuesday and one sunny clouds. as we get toward the weekend more clouds and rain getting closer. i won't say it yet. it looks like by this time next week the change the first part of the change is right there slicing through nevada and going into the sierra, nevada. i know it's a sign of change. dense fog out. 30s, 40s, and 50s. fairfield is 38. redwood city is 48. you can see plenty out here. none of it decides to come visit us.
6:50 am
the record highs from yesterday we can kick those out because you know it's not going to last. the cooling trend starts today and really starts to show itself on tuesday and wednesday. today though 30s to 50s to start. under fair skies. patchy fog. mostly clear. a few high clouds. we will keep those in there until noon. mostly sunny later today. 62-74. still nice. still above average. not as warm as sunday. 66 san francisco though. san rafael at 70. 70 fremont. same for redwood city. 60 near the coast. morgan hill. windy and cooler. tuesday and wednesday. pam and dave. thank you, steve. we want to take you to arlington texas this morning. there he is the man of the day. let's listen in. >> i'm always looking for challenges. i think the challenge goes to
6:51 am
repeating, scrutinizing this season, finding ways to get better. obviously there is being a perfectionist and having a quarterback coach as well. i'm excited about enjoying this but looking forward to improving. >> reporter: you said during the week you were competitive with other quarterbacks you didn't like to rank yourself. right now in terms of being competitive with other quarterbacks how do you feel you are doing and how do you feel you stack up against the great ones? >> i was competitive last night. i needed to play well for my team. mike and his staff had a great game plan. we rolled through calls. we made enough plays to get the job done last night. as i compare it to other quarterbacks that is for you to
6:52 am
determine. as a kid i always wanted to win a super bowl. now i have one. now it's like now what? let's get another one. >> reporter: you had to wait on a scholarship, you had to wait all day on draft day. how do you reflect today where you are today? compared to 24 hours ago? >> that's kind of been my career there opinion the journey of waiting for an opportunity and making the most of it. high school, junior college, division one, being a backup. you know getting overlooked on draft day. finalling getting the opportunity to make the most of it. this was an opportunity that don't come around as often. i wanted to make the most of it. it's a great team win. >> we are listening in live to aaron rogers super bowl xlv mvp
6:53 am
from chico. they have -- he played for a junior college before going to cal. >> i like that story of kurt warner that got passed over. he was working in bagging groceries at one point. he gets the last laugh. he's the mvp of the super bowl. >> yes. he's pretty calm. 6:53. beyond the ocean. what a whale has to do with a man being put under house arrest. a bay area city in political turmoil. city officials are accused of spending taxpayer dollars on. good morning, golden gate bridge traffic looking as good as the view so far. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news. live look at the big board. dow jones aplomb 47 points to 12,138. we have been reporting a new report overnight suggests that companies will lay off fewer people. so that is definitely giving a positive spin this morning. all right time now 5:56. a man admitted to smuggling whale teeth will spend the next
6:57 am
six months under house arrest. the judge sentenced 69-year-old james saunders to 59 hours of community service. saunders admitted he arranged import and sale of those teeth. the city of hercules is in turmoil. some are losing faith in city government. it stems from the city spending $15 million it doesn't have. a group of voters wanted to recall the mayor but he resigned a few weeks ago. and there are questions about expenses the city reimbursed officials for including the former mayor. >> in the two invoices i reviewed were charges were extra leg room on airline flights, car rentals and cities on the east coast, $3,000 for the miss hercules pageant, and cost for advertising and city
6:58 am
publications to name a few. >> the council members and former mayors say they have done nothing wrong. the contra costa grand jury is investigating. >> time now 6:57. coming up on mornings on two another suspicious fire in san franciscos castro district. this one reported a couple hours ago. and another sign the world champion giants have moved into unchartered territory. stay with us.
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